Photo courtesy of Serena Stucke



Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 280- Ste. 415

Brooklyn, NY 11205


Dan Tesene is a Brooklyn based artist whose drawings, sculptures, and multimedia works are recognizable for their labor intensive processes and painstaking attention to detail.  Tesene employs traditional modes of mark making, molding, casting, and carving processes, as well as highly inventive hybrids which blend digital fabrication techniques with synthetic materials in the production of his images and objects.   Tesene has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis, and internationally in Cairo and Alexandria Egypt, and Florence Italy.                     In 2010 Tesene founded Artifact, a digital fabrication, sculpture, and design studio, which produces a wide variety of works for artists, architects, electronics specialists, and prosthetics developers.


2005    Bachelor of Fine Arts • Minneapolis College of Art and Design / Minneapolis, MN 

2004    Accademia di Belle Arti, additional studies / Florence, IT 

2004    Instituto delle Arti, additional studies / Florence, IT 

Solo Exhibitions

2010    Lessons of Excess •  Devotion Gallery / Brooklyn, NY 

2007    Systems •   Rochester Art Center / Rochester, MN 

Group Exhibitions

2015  New Forms, Realities, and Environments in Digital Manufacturing, Minneapolis College of           Art and Design, MN

2012    Soundwalk 2012, FLOOD, Long Beach, CA 

2012    Hybrid Geographies, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 

2010    TEDx Brooklyn, Devotion Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

 2010    The Shift, 319 Scholes, Brooklyn, NY 

2008    La Raccolta • Plateau, Minneapolis, MN (curation, exhibition) 

2008    Meander, The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN 

2007    Convergence, Town House Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
            -Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum, Alex. Egypt 

2007    Ephemerality, Ephemeral Art Space, Minneapolis, MN 

2006    Jerome Fellowship Exhibition, Minneapolis, MN 

2006    Cities, Catherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 

2005    Apparatus, Plateau Gallery, Minneapolis, MN 

2005    Construct • Gallery 148, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MN 

2004    Art Shanty Projects • Medicine Lake, MN 


2006    Jerome Foundation Fellowship for fine arts  

2005    Vanderlip Travel Grant  

2004    MCAD Merit Scholarship      


2010     Drunken Boat ISSN#1537-2812

2010     In Digest issue #18